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G130/G150 AC INVERTER(Engineering series)

Model No.︰G130/G150
Brand Name︰SIEMENS
Country of Origin︰Germany
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Drive converter chassis units
SINAMICS G130 chassis units

■ Overview

SINAMICS G130 drive converter chassis units in frame sizes FX + HX
The SINAMICS G130 is a converter that can be combined very
flexibly with the associated system components and integrated
into customer-specific control cabinets or directly into machines.
The SINAMICS G130 drive converter chassis units are available
for the following voltages and power ranges:
A wide range of add-on electrical components allow the drive
system to be optimized for specific requirements. Configuration
and commissioning are greatly simplified by predefined interfaces.
The control accuracy of the sensorless Vector Control is suitable
for most applications, and additional actual speed value encoders
are therefore superfluous.
However, encoder evaluator modules are available for the
SINAMICS G130 converters to handle applications that require
an encoder for plant-specific reasons.
Communication between the Control Unit, the Power Module
and other active SINAMICS components takes place via DRIVECLiQ,
the drive’s internal interface. The DRIVE-CLiQ connections,
which are available as pre-assembled cables of different
lengths, allow a complete converter system to be put together
A communications interface is provided as standard to communicate
with the control system. There is also the option to expand
the interface using digital and analog inputs and outputs. The
TM31 Terminal Module and TB30 Terminal Board are available
for this. Additional expansion cards can also be installed to allow
communication via PROFINET and the CAN protocol.
Line voltage Power
380 ... 480 V 3 AC 110 ... 560 kW
500 ... 600 V 3 AC 110 ... 560 kW
660 ... 690 V 3 AC 75 ... 800 kW

■ Benefits
• Particularly quiet and compact converters due to the use of
state-of-the-art IGBT power semiconductors and an innovative
cooling concept
• Increase in plant availability since individual modules and
power components can be replaced quickly and easily. The
design of replaceable components is based on the principle
that they must be quick and easy to change. In addition, the
"SparesOnWeb" Internet tool makes it easy to view the spare
parts that are available for the system components ordered.
• Can be easily integrated into automation solutions due to a
standard communications interface and various analog and
digital interfaces.
• Easy commissioning and parameterization using interactive
menus on the user-friendly AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel
with graphical LCD and plain-text display, or from a PC using
the STARTER commissioning tool (# Tools and configuration)
• Preset software functions make it easier to tailor the converter
to the individual plant
• All components, from individual parts to the ready-to-connect
cabinet, undergo rigorous testing throughout the entire production
process. This guarantees a high level of functional reliability
during installation and commissioning, as well as in
■ Application
Variable-speed drives are advantageous for all applications that
involve moving, conveying, pumping or compressing solids,
liquids or gases.
This means the following applications, in particular:
• Pumps and fans
• Compressors
• Extruders and mixers
• Mills
■ Documentation
The device documentation consists of detailed operating
instructions with the following sections:
• Description
• Installation instructions
• Commissioning guide
• Function description
• Maintenance instructions
• Spare parts list
as well as equipment-specific dimensional drawings, arrangement
diagrams, circuit and terminal diagrams.
The documentation is supplied as standard with the
CU Kit on CD-ROM. The documentation is available in English,
French, German, Italian and Spanish.
■ Design
The SINAMICS G130 drive converter chassis unit provides
machine builders and plant constructors with a modular drive
system that can be tailored to specific applications.
SINAMICS G130 drive converter chassis units consist of two
modular, stand-alone components:
• Power Module and
• Control Unit
They may be located separately from one another or combined
in a single unit. The Power Module contains a slot for the Control
The Power Modules are supplied with a DRIVE-CLiQ cable for
communication and a cable for the 24 V supply to the Control
Unit. These cables are pre-assembled for installing the Control
Unit in the Power Module. If the two units are in a separate location,
the cables must be ordered in the appropriate lengths.
The user-friendly AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel and the
BOP20 Basic Operator Panel can be used for commissioning
and local operation.
Predefined interfaces, via terminal block or PROFIBUS, make
the commissioning and control of the drive much easier. The
interfaces of the CU320 Control Unit can be supplemented with
additional modules, such as the plug-in TB30 Terminal Board or
the TM31 Terminal Module.
If further customer interfaces are needed to communicate with
the drive, an external 24 V supply must be provided.
The two following figures are helpful when it comes to assembling
the required converter components correctly.
The first figure shows the structure and the individual components
of a SINAMICS G130 drive.
The second figure is a flowchart containing the decision and selection
criteria required for the individual components.

Min Order︰1
Ship Date︰3 days
Standard Met︰UL CE CCC VDE
Product Image

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