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IFM sensors

  • IFM sensors
  • IFM sensors
  • IFM sensors
  • IFM sensors
  • IFM sensors
Model No.︰G150
Brand Name︰IFM
Country of Origin︰Germany
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description

1.  IFM Fiber Optic Sensors and Amplifiers

   Product features: Easily connect fiber to amplifier Setup time saving process and installation LED display for checking operation, switch status and function Acrylic or glass fiber for different applications Quick and easy installation

2. IFM photoelectric sensor for specific applications

  Product features: High-quality photoelectric sensors for a wide range of applications High cost performance Range 10 m compact laser distance sensor Easily and safely install a large number of system components with teach-in buttons or potentiometers

3. IFM touch sensor

  Product features: Durable option for mechanical buttons Since no mechanical pressure is required for switching, no wear or maintenance is required. Drive by finger or hand. High degree of protection for demanding harsh industrial environments Dynamic, static or bistable

4. IFM distance measuring sensor

  Product features: Reliable optical distance measurement up to 10 m. Switching point setting via push button, adjustment ring or IO-Link. Suitable for applications requiring background suppression. High cost performance with Class 1 or 2 laser protection version

5.IFM laser sensor

   Features: Visible red light, easy to align with versions for hygienic applications LEDs for checking operation, switch status and function Display setup in the installation process Saves time and costs A large number of system components can be easily and safely installed


B  IFM Safety Products

  1. AS-Interface

   Product features: Monitoring of up to 31 safety As-i slaves Application range: door monitoring, light curtain, E-STOP, two-hand control Safety AS-i modules for field applications and control cabinets with guard lock and guard lock Monitored safety AS-i door switch

  2. IFM Safety Controller

   Product features: Safety inputs and outputs Hierarchical safety concept, extended monitoring and test procedures Configurable performance in the event of a fault Fast start and short fault detection time High performance CAN interface for multiple communication tasks

    3. IFM safety relay

     Product features: Evaluation unit for fail-safe sensors and E-STOP switches Connection of mechanical fail-safe switches and fail-safe sensors Evaluation system for safe rotational speed or stop monitoring

    4. IFM sensor - safety grating

     Features: IEC 61496-compliant safety category 2 and 4 Reliable hazardous area and door protection Easily connected with proven M12 connectors Versions for hygienic applications Versions with active/passive systems

     5. IFM sensor - safety light curtain

      Product features: Easy to integrate into the application Compact and rugged housing Used as a stand-alone       device Intuitive and user-friendly operation

Specifications︰IFM-Effort's exceptionally strong product range not only considers all relevant standard solutions, but also focuses on the specific needs of individual industries. In addition to position and process sensors, this product line also includes sensors for motion control and safety technology. In addition, ifm also offers products for industrial image processing and communication, as well as identification systems for mobile machines.
Advantages︰Product classification

1. Position sensor
2. Motion control sensor
3. Industrial imaging
4. Security technology
5. Process sensor
6. Industrial Communication
7 IO-Link
8 Identification system
9 equipment condition monitoring system
10 Mobile vehicles and construction machinery
11 connection technology
12 switching power supply
Min Order︰1
Ship Date︰3 days
Standard Met︰UL VDE CE
Product Image

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