Industrial Robert - DELTA, DRS40L series

Delta’s SCARA DRS40L Series can be easily applied to the production lines in a broad range of industries. It is able to conduct complex processes such as insertion, screw locking, assembly, coating, transfer, soldering, transporting, and packaging for the consumer electronics, electrical/electronics, rubber and plastic, packaging, metal fabrication and other industries.

Production line operations:
1. Glue pasting process during conveyance for power supply boards: Efficiently achieves automatic tracking, positioning, and glue pasting for 24.8 million power supply boards every year, reducing the labor force required and improving productivity
2. Inspecting exteriors of industrial automation products: Combines SCARA and machine vision system to inspect one million industrial automation products per year, enhancing yield rate and productivity and reducing labor force
3. Function test of AC motor drives: Three SCARAs with machine vision systems test the functions of three AC motor drives at the same time, reducing labor force by over 60% and increasing test yield rate
4. Auto-self screw locking on control panels: Combines self-locking screws with Delta SCARA to provide rapid and precise screw locking, enhancing productivity by over 80% and decreasing required production space by 50%

Production processes:
1. Motor rotor production: Combines SCARA and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to effectively monitor production record of motor rotors and reduce the cycle time of motor rotor magnetizing, winding, heating processes, which enhances daily productivity by nearly three times and reduces labor force by over 60%

Delta also introduced the robot control system and machine vision system to give an in-depth understanding of the SCARA robot solution.